The law profession is a complex sector with an extraordinary history. The nature of law partnerships and the pace of change means that a detailed knowledge and understanding of firms in Australia is crucial to success in our executive search and market intelligence services.

Why Choose Us

  • We live and breathe legal private practice – this has been our sole industry focus for more than a decade.
  • A research led approach which is based upon comprehensive market insight and candidate awareness.
  • Our industry knowledge – the major players and current developments.
  • Our reach – we have worked within every major state at some stage in connection with a partner or team move.
  • Our passionate commitment to delivering service excellence that underpins everything we do.




Our Practice Areas

The directors lead discreet and confidential search assignments outside the public domain of typical recruitment methodologies (such as advertising). We promote our client proposition within a market of passive lawyers who often require a flexibility that isn’t necessary when interviewing active job applicants. As their passive curiosity evolves into a committed interest, we continuously assess their suitability, while advising on the complex logistics of moving to a new law firm. We assist with the critical discussions surrounding business planning, salary negotiations and resignation.

> Access to an extensive market of passive candidates

Exceptional people are typically unavailable, highly sought after and always require a recruitment investment. We find the best candidate in the market, not the best candidate on the market.

> Qualified and targeted approaches
Identification of candidates with a compelling business case and an awareness of which motivational ‘buttons’ to push, and when, is not a simple task. Our candidate relationships often extend over years and may involve just one career move as a result of the right approach at the right time.

 > Discretion and promotion of the client value proposition
Executive search is not only about engaging new talent – it is also a valuable tool in the overall positioning and marketing of a firm amongst its peers and clients. It is crucial that a firm selects the right ambassadors to communicate this message.

Merger discussions are time consuming, emotional and can be abandoned after extensive investment. As consultants our role is tailored to the specific requirements of our clients. Sometimes we are asked to consult at the feasibility stage while on other occasions we are engaged to facilitate exploratory discussions through to completion.

Our methodology:
> From the outset, we can assist with defining the objective (growth v’s diversification v’s financial etc) which often requires the prompting of some initial self-assessment and goal setting. Moreover, we work closely with the merger committee to define the proposition and profile a potential partner.

> We draw upon our experience to talk through potential obstacles and pitfalls prior to commencing the research.

> Through our research we review and prioritise potential suitors. Once targets are agreed and armed with a profile and a deep understanding of our client we discreetly and confidentially reach out to prospective firms.

> Thereafter we add value in many ways. We can be asked to meet with individual partners within the target firm to foster buy-in, facilitate discussions including information exchange or play a key role in preparing a compelling case for final partnership vote.

> Make informed decisions with comprehensive due diligence.

At Austin Hanley we understand the reputational and financial importance of a lateral Partner hire. We offer an independent and discreet due diligence service for law firms looking to mitigate risk and avoid unwanted surprises. We provide an objective and tailor-made report to assist you in making an informed decision during the recruitment process.

With the benefit of current market intelligence you can avoid any unexpected shocks and manage any hiring and financial risks both during and after the hire.

Austin Hanley offer tailor-made market mapping and competitor intelligence solutions for law firms looking to take a strategic approach to workforce planning and growth.

 > Market Mapping

For firms seeking clarity relating to their lateral recruitment requirements, market mapping can provide a potential candidate pool by confidentially assessing candidates from a distance. Austin Hanley also offer feasibility studies in relation to the launch of a new practice area or geographical expansion.

The resulting market intelligence not only supports decision making around key lateral hires for strategic growth, but also enables them to move quickly and discreetly.

 > Competitor Intelligence
Law firms that are considering their options to strengthen their business can undertake a competitor analysis to obtain feedback on how they are perceived by their clients or peers. This assists with defining their value proposition, including identifying any relevant strengths and weaknesses in relation to attracting or retaining employees and clients.

> Better advice. Better practice

Meaningful and executable strategies have never been more important to guide law firm leaders in their decisions and actions. Austin Hanley can help our clients objectively assess the range of opportunities and challenges that they face. We advise on strategies to enable Managing and senior Partners to manage their firm or practice more successfully and profitably.

Our strategic and operational consulting team has proven capabilities in strategy development and implementation that improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of firm operations. Areas of expertise include:

> Strategic planning

> Pricing models

> Practice review and development

> Client analysis

> Operational best practice